Guide to Choosing Throw Pillows for Sofa

Guide to choosing throw pillows for your sofa

With reasonable prices, throw pillows make your living room more eye-catching and have a lot of highlights. However, decorating your sofa with throw pillows does not mean that you should put several pillows on it. Using wrong throw pillows will make the room messy and glitzy.

Keep in mind four important things when finding the best throw pillows for your sofa as below. Let’s start right now!

1. Pillow’s Size

A very important thing when choosing a perfect throw pillow for sofa is the pillows’ size. The main thing to remember is that throw pillow should be suitable for furniture which it is placed on. 

Square pillows are the most popular

You have a three-seater sofa or king-size sofa, which means you should use a big size throw pillows. Currently, the standard size of square throw pillows is 18 inches for the normal sofa size. If your sofa is bigger, using 24-inch throws or greater. For low back sofa, 16-inch throws will bring better effect.

2. Pillow’s Concept

For a traditional sofa, you should opt for four pillows; two pillows for each side of the sofa will make the symmetrical look.

Choosing an odd number of pillows for a modern look sofa, three or five pillows are perfect. Nevertheless, larger pillows will be better. For an 88-inch sofa, one pillow puts on the chair and three or five pillows put on the sofa would be standard.

If you want an eclectic sofa, you should use odd number of pillows. However, you should choose the same size pillows to make your room harmoniously and symmetrically.

3. Pillow’s Shape

Throw pillows come in four mains types, a square, rectangle, bolster and round. The shape of throw pillows depends on the purpose and preference of the user.

  • Square pillows: Square throw pillows are the best choice for your sofa’s decoration. It is the most popular throw pillow that suits every sofa and always flexible in decoration.
  • Rectangle and bolster pillows: Rectangle pillows will support your back and shoulder very well. On the other hand, if your sofa is made from leather, bolster pillows are a good selection. It is not only good for your waist but also does not slip when using.
  • Round pillows: You should also consider the aesthetics of furniture in your house. Sofa with angled lines should use round pillow helps your sofa looks softer.

In addition, you can combine two or three sofa pillow shapes together if you are not sure about your sofa style. With an open space, a combination of the square, rectangle, and bolster pillows are good solutions.

4. Pillow’s Textures and Colors

This period will take a lot of time with a lot of questions. Don’t be confused, the following tips will make it easier for you to make a decision about choosing textures and colors:

  • You may place two different pillows side by side on the sofa. One pillow has plain color and the other one has patterns.
  • Large sofas should decorate with two pillows which contrast with the sofa color. Nevertheless, each pillow should have patterns that matches the furniture color.
  • Pick neutral colors for your sofa as black, gray, white, navy, brown and so on.
Throw pillows with neutral colors
  • Mixing pillow types together is a good idea. Just remember that in terms of textures of each pillow, it must include at least the same color together.
  • Don’t be afraid of using two different pillows by changing the texture combination. If one pillow has complicated patterns, the other pillow will have a larger pattern or plain.
  • If you buy pillows for both sofas and armchairs, you should decor them with pillows that have the same color scheme, pattern, and style.

In conclusion

Above is the guide on how to choose throw pillows for the sofa and ideas to help you make your own impressive living room. After a hectic working day, I hope you will have a wonderful moment in your lovely houses.

Thank you very much for reading!